Here is a short video of my exhibition titled "See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil", which I presented in Santo Domingo in 2009. Although this exhibition addressed social problems present at the time in my country, it is very easy to extrapolate and contextualize the same situations in other countries. In this case, I have given an ironic twist to the well-known Japanese proverb because in our every day, we have become indifferent to everything that happens around us. Concepts previously considered outrageous, such as war, hunger, corruption, mass surveillance, violence towards human beings and Mother Earth or our environment, are now pervasive elements in our lives; we often see them as normal. We look the other way.

The music that plays in the video is "Bésame Mucho" by Michael Camilo.        

From the series titled : "Bathrooms"/ "Los Baños".

                                 "My Secret Life", mixed media on panel, 32x44 inches.

                                                               "Suspiciously Observed"
                                                                Mixed media on panel
                                                                      32"x 44.5"

                                                  "No Wings Needed", 39x43 inches.

                       "Magical Herbolarium", mixed media on panel, 30x40 inches

.                                     "The Ubiquitous Eye", mixed media on panel, 36x36 inches

                                "Still Life Of Humanity"/The Brain And The Rose

Sic Semper Tyrannis/ Thus Always To Tyrants/ mixed media on metal. 

Ideas to make a painting often come to my mind the most diverse and strange ways. Dreams are often those who most contribute to these. But there are a large number of times that is through reading. Some words read or heard unleashes the creativity in me. And that phrase then becomes a headline for a painting. As precisely happened with "Sic Semper Tyrannis," which inspired me while reading a book by Guillermo Cabrera Infante.This painting is about puppeteers and poppets. Manipulators playing with in a game.

"The Transcendence of Love" (La Trascendencia Del Amor)./Mixed media on glass.

                                                         " Game Of Emperors"
                                                          Mixed-media on canvas
The Feast About Transparency/ El Agape Sobre La Transparencia/ mixed media on plexiglass.

This piece is full of irony. A group of politicians (some recognized, some other not) having a feast to speak about "transparency". All of them sharing a Sancocho which is a very desirable staple from my country.
"I Kill You Because I Love You"/ mixed media on plexiglass.

                                                           "From Pandora...With Love"

                              At the beginning of this video, art installation against gender violence.

                        At 1:08, performance inspired in Plato's Cave (La Caverna, de Platón ).                                         Ulterior motives prevail in the events occurring. Only shadows we see; not the truth.

                        Music: "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White", by Perez Prado.



                                  "Collateral Damage", mixed media on cardboard, 20x12 inches

                                              "Dragonfly Man" (About people treated like insects)

                                                                   "Woman Cockroach" 




                                                            "Blended with Surroundings"

                                                        "A Circus Day In Any Country"  


"Mare Nostrum"/ mixed media on canvas.

From time to time, hundreds of Dominicans risk their lives crossing the dangerous "Canal de la Mona", trying to achieve a dream that never comes and get lost at sea. Maybe I want to believe that when the weak boats, capsize throwing their precious cargo to the sea floor, sea creatures come to meet them ... Maybe it's something I want to believe so.

                                                                       "Fateful Voyage"

                                               "Mare Nostrum", mixed media on canvas.


                                                  "Lurking Fauna", mixed media on plexiglass

Venus of Ozama River/32x60/Mixed media on plexiglass.

On every hurricane season in my country there is a fear of the flooding of the river Ozama. Poor people have built their homes on the banks of this river. In this appropriation of Botticelli's Venus is depicted a Dominican mulatta. Instead of European flowers, two Ibiscus or Blood of Christ fall on her. Instead of North Wind Boreas she appears rescued from the waters by the orange robe of the Civil Defense.

"Woman Cane- Woman Nature"/ 32" x 36" / mixed media on canvas.

The depiction of Inana, the Sumerian goddess of fertility. Depiction of Mother Nature...Of "caña de azucar" that runs through our veins.

Ghostly Visions, or Dreams on the Wings of Butterflies/mixed media on glass.

Dreams Woven In Time/mixed media on found object.

Time, also known as the Great Hermit. This is the story of a Cuban artist who lived in absolute solitude in an abandoned house in "El Vedado" only accompanied by her knitting and caterpillars which she could see through her window. The story moved me, and I wanted to capture it.

"The wizard".

During its existence, man has to face life using material and immaterial things. It is a journey in which he is struggling to maintain his physical body and also the inner self. That way, we avail ourselves with the four elements for this purpose. It is to find the Philosopher's Stone to becoming better human beings.
"In The Long Dark Of The Night All Cats Are Black"/ mixed media on plexiglass.

This is a very Dominican phrase which i have been listening to since I was a little girl. Usually in my country we have long blackouts. This painting was made in protest of this matter. In it there is a graphic reproduction of a very antique floor pattern, a characteristic of colonial houses.

"The Terminal"/ mixed media on metal.

"And is full moon night"/...Y es noche de luna llena"/Encaustic on wood panel.

2002 expo (Casa De Teatro)

"Turquoise". Azul Turquesa.
"Dream". (Ensueño).
"Reflection". (Reflexión).
"Solitude" (Soledad).

"Threshold". (Umbral).